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Knitting custom socks is something we do best. We make the entire process easy and simple. From design to delivery, we'll help every step of the way.

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The way we work is not an accident

We take pride in having a 100% North Carolina based supply chain. From yarns, to knitting, to packaging: everything happens right here in NC. The two socks placed on the North Carolina state cut out is where our main operations are. We’re based and Established in Charlotte, but manufacture and mainly operate in the more rural Montgomery County.

5 easy steps to get started

Our Services

These are the major services we provide to make sure your experience is easy, seamless & stress-free


This is a shot down one of our knitting lanes.

Your sock will most likely be knit on a lane similar to this. We offer a varied selection of machines, with a range of needle count. From 108, to 168 needles, we have the technology available to craft the right sock for your business.


Every order placed with us comes with complementary packaging.

This packaging is a J-hook band that self encloses without any adhesive. It has 4 sides available for design which can hold high resolution graphics. We also have the ability to make new packaging template if needed.


There are 2 large steps when turning a sock from raw materials.

Knitting, is, well, the step of knitting the actual sock. You would not want to sell the product at this point. Depending on machine it is knit on, the toes may still be unsewn, the sock scratchy and due to material content, over 1.5 time final size. These socks are "unfinished". To take the socks from unfinished to retail ready, we need to soften, wash and board. We will also package and poly bag per 6 pairs. This process is "finishing".

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